All GOLDEN WAY partners can take advantage of special offers from our partner company GERETTI.

You are offered an exclusive opportunity to increase and preserve your capital in the era of financial uncertainty and volatility. Together with us, the gold, diamonds and jewelry market becomes available to everyone.

Get to a higher and more stable level of your wealth management.

You have a unique opportunity to buy jewelry directly from GERETTI with personal discounts. To make use of this proposal, you can contact a company manager who coordinates cooperation with the GERETTI Jewelry House.

Who are GERETTI?


GERETTI Jewelry House is a family business, founded in 1929 in Antwerp having 4 generations of professionals in this field.

GERETTI is rightfully a respected, well-known and reputable international brand.

Some facts about GERETTI:

* A member of the Antwerp Diamond Exchange and the Diamond Club;

* It has its own workshop and factory for diamond production;

* A certified «Antwerp cut»;

* Best Jeweler 2014 by Ars Nobilis;

* Diamonds at wholesale prices directly from the manufacturer;

* High-end jewelry at manufacturer's prices;

* Jewelry with diamonds;

* Precious jewelry that will highlight your status;

* Jewelry for special occasions such as jubilee, christening, engagement, wedding, life achievements, anniversaries of important events;

* Family jewels as a symbol of financial well-being, continuity of generations and preservation of family traditions.

Visit a jewelry store of GERETTI: 


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